martes, 24 de junio de 2008

I resign from myself


I've been talking to the mirror all this time
saying it's going to be better down the corner
making promises of hopes and dreams
wishing for the sun to shine on me

but I let myself down once again
yet I know, this is not who I am
I tried and tried and never gain
cried last time, but not in pain

I have let me down one last time
now I resign from this nonsense
and held my head high for this tide
though is well now, it ain't coming to this place

what about now? I say
who's to wait for destiny to arrive
no more promises or dreams on pray
cause nothing but losing is all I have

what else is yet to fulfill, you say?
that now rest on your hands again
what's on your mind, feeling okey?
how does today sounds, my friend?

3 comentarios:

adrianita rice dijo...

es una rolita me imagino
esta padre :D
parece ke somos los unicos perriados ke usamos blogspot :D

krusty dijo...

jaja no es una rola, cara de caca
lo escribi anoche mientras platicabamos jajaja

peace and luv

Aton dijo...

lo escribiste... nice (H)